Tumblr’ people please we need your help. We need to be heard. To live in a better world, we should all do something. This is of course not the full answer, but it could help. Please reblog this video and understand, talk about it. 

For those who doesn’t understand french. it was the day of the anniversary of  Slavery abolition, in Paris. May 10 2011. ( Decided to be on this day every year by our last president Jacques Chirac in 2006 ).

•On this video you can see some people from the who had official invitations from the president. Been arrested and brutalised by the french police and staff of security, for wearing t-shirt against “negrophobia” . France is supposed to be the “Pays des droits de l’Homme” “Country of the Human rights”. 

M. London @ Le Pompon.

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